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Gaulish Druid Order - Drunemeton
What is Drunemeton
Drunemeton ( Oak Sanctuary) shall be the name of the assembly of Bardos, Uatis, and Druits. 
Drunemeton will house the traditions/customs for the above. These will be known as Bardobessus, Uatisbessus, and Druidobessus. 

Drunemeton will function differently than the Contemporary Druid Orders. As each one of these is a separate custom/tradition (Bessus). They are not a ladder to climb to reach the top; instead, a lifestyle of devotional living in honor of said path. Each offers a different focus and understanding. One thing that they are not is a title to take for the sake of having a title.

One custom is not greater than the other they are all equal.

There is much work to be done for each Bessus. This is not something one joins at the moment but something the most devoted people help to build.

So check in ever once in a while to see what's new.
The Laws
We take an oath to live by the three Druit Laws. 
Dugie dêuoi – “Honor the Gods”
Gneie ne drucos – “Do no evil”
Biue Eni mêdê – “Live in honor”
The Bessus
Bardobessus: Bardic Customs
Bardos (The one of the verses)
These are the Poets and Artisians.
Uatibessus: Ovate Customs
(the speaker)
The Seers and Healers.
Druidobessus: Druid Customs
(One who knows Drus)
The Priest(esses) and Philosophers.