One can not join at this time.

At the moment, this is not something to join but rather to help build. Drunemeton is following the motion of Venus in its creation, so there is some magic involved in forming what goes on under the trees of Drunemeton. Just as the Senodruides (ancient Druides) looked to Venues* for agriculture understanding or knowing when the dark and light seasons are upon us, we will use Venues to empower and evoke a deep meaning to what we are building here. Venues represent for us the fertile powers of rebirth/renewal. Venues makes a motion around our cosmos as this creates a Pentagrammic Pattern, and this starts when Venues enters the center of the Pleiades. This is an Eight-year period ending when the motion of Venus reaches back to its eastern elongation. And that will be when it aligns with the Pleiades. April 3, 2020, marked the new cycle when the first seeds were planted in the grounds. So with that, we are working with the magic of time and the motion of the stars as a symbolic way to reenact the rebirth of what we are doing and to house that which we are building in the mind frame of looking to the stars. The Number Eight is also symbolic as in Pythagoreans geometry; it corresponds to the points on a cubic stone (but that’s a part of Uissus Druidicos); we will get to that much later. This brings us to Sironâ she is the great keeper of the cycles of rebirth as she is associated with Venues and helps us in this great duty to the culture.

Pempocelon - Gaulish Druids

This is our magical symbol of time which is the motion that Venues makes in our cosmos. This is a Pempocelon (Pentagram). This is a Gaulish symbol that has been found on coins. Within Drunemeton, we always try to find old symbols and add new meaning to them for what we are doing. That is the first magical practice within Drunemeton. It is the creation of Inscrîbatus.

I only mention the above as it is essential to get into the mind frame of what is going on here, and that is a very sacred duty to the Ancestors, Deoui, and the culture. This is the revival and new beginnings of these roles. As the great serpent of the Pempocelon comes to its cycle end, the Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits, which is below, will evolve into something new that Inscrîbatus will transmute. As the serpent will have hatched forth the three eggs, it is protecting. Each egg represents the three traditions under Drunemeton. The eggs will hatch fourth In early April 2028, and that will be when Venues is in the center of Pleiades, and our cycle comes to an end (For the Building and forming under Drunemeton).

Natrix of Drunemeton - Gaulish Druid

Drumenton is not a tradition, nor is it like the other Gaulish traditions, as it is not set in any one of the many Gaulish traditions. Still, rather Drunemeton is a lifestyle of rigorous devotion to the greater Gaulish community. With a focus on Galatibessus* as its heart when it comes to creating underneath the great trees of Drunemeton. That being said, there are many different approaches to Gaulish thought. We have syncretic, which includes many historical attested ideas*, and we have modern syncretic thoughts. Those are very much welcomed under the trees of Drunemeton as long as the Gaulish in ones syncretic thought is upfront and a Galatis view is not overtaken. Taking that into note means that we are not set in a particular time or place. If folks are in one of the many Gaulish traditions, when under the trees in Drunemeton those are left out on the boundaries. Under our sacred trees, we are all one for the greater community.

Drunemeton is not a religion itself. I have seen countless folks ask about Druides and the religion of Druides in Gaul. That’s a very uninformed question. Druides are not a group of folks with their own religion; sure, they had their customs and teachings within Gaulish Culture. They filled a role in their culture/society. So what you thought you knew of Druides based on Contemporary Druid Orders, you can throw that out the door as it has no place here.

Now the building of this is not for everyone as this is hard work and takes much dedication. When working on these roles, one should always be hyperfocused, basically live and breathe it. These are much more than roles or titles to have in the community, it’s a lifestyle. One should be a willing individual always to give service and be of service of devotion to the greater community.



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