Diuanosuetlā (DI-WAWN-O-SWET-LAW) ‘Divine Stories’
This page will house Myths and lore that we in Drunemeton develop.
Now what is presented here is not a representation of the whole Gaulish/Brythonic Community, But rather we represent the forging of many thoughts to form ideas and stories that are a collaborative effort to work towards something greater. Some of these myths will be the basic building block to forming our Rites, Artwork, Philosophical ideas, and much more.


This is our Cosmology.
Conuextion (CON-WEXT-YON) Cosmos meaning ‘that which is woven together plus Uissus at the end means having knowledge of, being aware of’ even ‘observing. So we have Conuextouissus (CON-WEX-TO-WIS-SEWS) meaning
study of the cosmos
Below is our Conuextouissus