Duxteres Galasênâon

On the Isle of Senae was an order known to travelers and surrounding tribes alike, even despite its secretive nature, as the Gallizenae. People would travel to gain guidance from those within the group as they were revered by even the Roman Scholars who wrote about them. Even though there are few sources that speak of them, the Gallizenae was said to be gifted to be able to call and calm storms as well as even transform into animals. Little else is known outside of the nature of their work, but while they have long since left this world, the work and legacy of the Gallizenae live on.

In the Britannic Sea, opposite the coast of the Ossismi, the isle of Sena belongs to a Gallic divinity and is famous for its Oracle, whose priestesses, sanctified by their perpetual virginity, are reportedly nine in number. They call the priestesses Gallizenae and think that because they have been endowed with unique powers, they stir up the seas and the winds by their magic charms, that they turn into whatever animals they want, that they cure what is incurable among other peoples, that they know and predict the future, but that it is not revealed except to sea-voyagers and then only to those traveling to consult them.


Modeled after this historic order, the Duxteres Galasênâon aim to keep the work of their predecessors alive by serving all that seek their aid, both within and out of the community. The goal of this group is to specialize their practice of augury, divination, and charms to better help those who require assistance or guidance, just as the Gallizenae did. Membership in the group is limited and will be decided by the members existing, not by being sought out. Furthermore, while the members of this group will remain hidden from the general public, the group may be reached by the email below if their aid is needed:

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