Ex Uastii (Out of the Emptiness)

Some say that, at first, there was naught but a dark, empty void. And then, out of the darkness, a blinding flash exploded, illuminating the darkness for a split second, from which arose a burning flame called Aidus. And then there was a thundering roar followed by a rushing torrent of water called Dubron. These two primal forces fought against one another, trying to establish dominance. But no matter how much they fought against one another, neither could make the other submit.

Finally, the Order of Aidus and the Chaos of Dubron joined together as one, existing in harmony rather than opposition, and established the Cosmic Truth of Existence.

As the flames of Aidus lay upon the surface of Dubron, the Sacred Cauldron came into being. The Sacred Cauldron grew in size, becoming vast and endless. It pushed the two primal forces apart, Aidus upwards and Dubron downwards.

As the two primal forces longed to be reunited, the First Three Sources arose from the Sacred Cauldron. The first to arise was Nemātis, the life-giving force of all. It was followed by Uariātis, the flowing motion of change. Finally, there arose Tirātis, the physical manifestation of all. They danced around the Sacred Cauldron until at last they joined together in the Sacred Cauldron, united but still distinct.

A spark issued forth from Nemātis, then a drop of water from Uariātis, and finally a seed from Tirātis. The life-giving spark entered the physical manifestation of the seed. The combined two yearned to take shape and grow. But it was not until the flowing motion of the drop of water fell upon the seed and enveloped it that change occurred.

From the water-nourished seed containing the spark of life, a sapling began to form and take shape. It continued to grow and grow in size, its roots running deep until they sank into the waters of Dubron, and its branches reaching upwards until they touched the flames of Aidus. But it also grew vast in size until the trunk existed from one corner of the Cosmos to the other. It was Drus, the World Tree, and it gave structure and support to the Cosmos.

From the Sacred Cauldron, there next arose three forms without shape, dark and hidden at first. They circled around the World Tree, weaving a web of energy until they finally settled at the roots of the World Tree, taking shape at last and beginning their eternal task.

The first is as young as a sapling, spinning the thread of the life-force of all that comes into being in the physical world. The second is mature like a well-nourished tree and measures out the life-thread. And the last, as old as a gnarled and withered tree, cuts the thread of life. As they sing, they weave the life-threads of all into the Tapestry of Fate, the destinies of all intertwined and connected. They are the Matres Deruonās, the Oak Mothers.

Then a powerful force arose from the roots of the World Tree, reaching upwards to the topmost branches. When the lingering web of energy from the Oak Mothers touched the force, there was a blinding flash and a deafening roar. And then the Three Worlds took shape and grew: Dumnos, Bitus, and Albios – the Lower, Middle, and Upper Realms.

But they were empty and lifeless.

Then a portion of Aidus and a portion of Dubron separated from their sources, forming the primal forces of Samos and Giamos. After these two primal forces began to exert their strengths and weaknesses upon each other, only then did the Three Worlds produce and become full.

Bitus formed mountains, valleys, and plains; rivers and streams; plants, trees, and flowers of every kind. Albios formed clouds which bring nourishing rain to the earth. And Dumnos formed riches of minerals and ores. Thus the Three Worlds came into being, although they would be made quite different after the First Battle.

And then a powerful and magical force arose out of the Sacred Cauldron. It encircled the World Tree and interwove among the Three Worlds, existing by itself apart from the others and yet intimately connected to the Three Worlds. It was Antumnos, the Otherworld, and would become a place to which some would journey but all would eventually reach.

And then a sound arose from the Sacred Cauldron, the first to enter the Cosmos. It was slow and soft at first like a gentle breeze blowing. It brought harmony with it and melody, the first sounds of music. It would gradually build in intensity and then wane again. And although the sound echoed across the Cosmos, it took no shape. For it could only be heard, not seen. It was a flowing source of beauty and perfection, desiring to be heard and yearning to inspire. And although no word had been spoken yet in the Cosmos, a gentle voice seemed to issue forth from the music: immi Auenā Srourā. cluiete uepū mou. (I am Flowing Inspiration. Listen to my voice.)

That is the myth of the creation of the Cosmos which is related by some. All had come into being – Aidus in Dubron, the Sacred Cauldron, the First Three Sources, the World Tree, the Oak Mothers, the Three Worlds of Albios, Bitus, and Dumnos, the primal forces of Samos and Giamos, and finally Auenā Srourā, Flowing Inspiration.

But despite being filled with powerful forces and magical energies, still the Cosmos was empty. For it needed inhabitants, both immortal and mortal.

But that is a tale for another time.

This myth is a collaborative work between the members of Drunemeton.