There is so much in our lives that is not in our control, we tend to focus on that, rather than what is in our control.

There are so many things that can happen in a day that can take control of how you relate to that day, which can cause significant effects on our energies.

Within Drunemeton it is elemental that one is of sound mind, that being in ones day to day activities or group gatherings as we must all be on the level with one another to live a life of greater understanding towards the Trirextoues.
Ones mental health should never be overlooked. As we tend to that which is in Drunemeton, there are matters that are of more significant concern under our canopy, and that is the individual. Making sure one has a clear mind to connect with that which is around the self.
Mediolânon (Sacred Center) is how we go about achieving a clear mind
we find liminality awareness and a deep connection to the cosmic order that is within all things. We gain knowledge of consciousness and the wisdom to act within the right action of ourselves. One must look at all the ways to come to a proper understanding. The nature of perception is vital. Mediolânon teaches one that you are in control that you are the center of the self.

Deep within your forest is a great Nemeton and in its center is the self.

Druid Meditation

Receiving Position
To start, stand straight with your shoulders back, your feet shoulder apart, and your arms bent with your hands facing up and a straight posture.

Visualize when you are in this position that you are reaching up to the Deuoi and receiving a gift of sacredness.

I will go about this day knowing there are things I can not change.

The Gift Position
Next, slowly move your hands up above your head and connect your fingers to make a circle.

Visualize that you have received the gift of sacredness

I will receive what comes may way in understanding.

Druid Meditation
Druid Meditation

Giving Position
Now slowly bring your hands down, still making the circle cross over your face and into your chest area.
Then when you get to your midsection, slowly turn your hands face up and back into the first position.

Visualize bringing that gift of sacredness down into you and let if flow through you. As you go back into the first position let it radiate from you.

I will not let that which I can’t control, control me.

The circle we make is a representation of that gift from the Deuoi. Feel how this resonates with the self. Focusing on your breathing and physical character as it is happening. Let come what comes; let go what goes.

Mediolânon is a very strong act of devotion to the self, but this devotion is not just about the self its also about that which is around you. Helping us to focus in on Trirextoues. Its a good idea to start your morning with Mediolânon and end your day with Mediolânon. Do it before Rites or before great council. As this will help align you back to your center.

One must believe, If you can believe in the Deuoi you can believe in the self.
You are the tender of your Nemeton.

People feel disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them