Just as Aisus tends to Drus and keeps our sacred nemeton. We to must tend to our sacred grove and the greater community

Gaulish Druid


We each start as Prennilos (tree sprout) in Drunemeton. As each tree is unique, so is the individual. Now the Prennilos is a title that is equal among all people under the sacred trees of Drunemeton. Since again, there are a few years left until our rebirth comes forth. There are no Druides or Uatis. In the meantime, the Bardoi are the only ones that can claim the role/title, but one must follow what is said on the Bardobessus page to be a Bardoi. It is not simply just the doing of poetry. You must be a content creator actively doing the work. Now, this is about helping in the making and forming under Drunemeton. It is not about joining to become one of these sacred titles. So the first teaching here is of the Ego. Can one claim they are a Bardos? I will leave that up to you.

The Prennilos (Tree Sprout) is tasked with creating content to further the development under Drunemeton in one of the bessus. Just as each tree is different, so is the person. So the Prennilos will have different areas of study from one another. Some might be in the same bessus but working on different things, but it is always important to interact with other Prennilos to be on the same page.

Bardos Prennilos might work on a new poetic formula, or maybe one will take Giordano Brunos memory system to incorporate into Bardobessus. A Uatis Prennilos might work on herbs in the south and create magical incantations and formula’s for them while someone in the west or north is doing that same thing but with the different local herbs. A Druits Prennilos might have different areas of focus, some on law, others philosophy.

These are but some examples of what a Prennilos would be doing there are countless ideas.

Branos Carnutodrûidon is the Auetos (The Protector) of Drunemeton he is very much a Prennilos as well. He is not the leader as there can be no leader as it would defeat the purpose of Drunemeton. He only acts as a Raven on one of the mighty branches to ensure that the path doesn’t get lost.

Casnis Uatiâ is a Bardos Prennilos, devoting their art and words to the Dêuoi. They work on developing Bardobessus for Drunemeton and the greater community.

You will find how to help in each of the individual tabs above. Keep a note in mind that these are not roles yet. Truly the only role that can be a thing yet in some capacity is that of the Bardos.

When one is interested, you will find a sign-up form at the bottom of each bessus page. In there, you need to tell us what you will be bringing to the sacred Altar under Drunemeton and what area of focus. This does not mean you are unable to flow from one to another, but one should have an area of focus. A Prennilos will be expected to help bring things into the site and fill our sacred space. For much of our work, we use the Galatîs Litauiâs Discord Server. However, Prennilos may also work through email contact with the Auetos, but maintain a level of communication. Membership is not to be taken lightly, as being removed from Drunemeton due to inactivity will not allow an individual to return.