Soitos (Magic) plays an essential part under Drunemeton.

Soitos is the act of making a thought manifest, changing the state of one thing to another using Determination, Adroitness and, Aftereffect. 

With this, we come to Soitos Trîuiduos (The three trees of Magic), these are the three main realms of magic. Each tree has many branches those being the different forms of Soitos.

(Productive, Fruitful Magic) is Used to create a form of success in the outcome in human labor or nature, so things like a good hunt, bountiful harvest, better weather, and things of that nature.

(Protective magic) protects a person, place, or thing against the whims of nature and the evils of others. This protective effect can be seen in the use of Anextilon “little thing that protects” to ward off diseases or the use of charms before a long journey.

(Destructive magic) is used to cause damaging energies. This can be to a situation, person, or place. It is not necessarily negative. Maybe you would like to create destructive magic for an infestation of bugs in your crops or an illness or even for social and political reasons.

Being a Soitio practitioner means having a better understanding of the cosmos and everything in it.


Everything is a give and take the more influential Soitos is, the greater the cost so always remember our motto.
Das duci damiDami duci das
“You give that I may give. I give that you may give.”

Please don’t use Soitos in a way that goes against the Trirextoues.