The Three Laws

  1. Dugie Dêuûs – “Honor the Gods”
  2. Gneie ne drucon – “Do no evil”
  3. Delge āxtam – “Hold your behavior”

These are the three laws that govern the self, they teach one to have

Honor the Gods Gaulish Druid

Dêuocariâ (Piety)

One must live in service to the Deoui, Regentiâ, and the Touta. A life of Active worship and higher celebrations. Daily offerings and acknowledgment to that which is greater than the self.

Do no evil Gaulish Druid

Doniocariâ (Compassion)

One must put oneself in the place of others and the many situations around one’s reality. One must be willing to put aside one’s understanding to resonate a feeling for the world around the self. See the suffering and give a hand to alleviate those that are troubled. Never be the cause of suffering to others; instead, a beacon of illumination of service.

Live in honor Gaulish Druid

Decos (Honor)

Live by the Trirextoues be the example in the world, keep yourself as authentic as possible, and never put yourself in a place where you would be ashamed of your actions. Live in selfless service to yourself and others.

These Îanoi that are within the Trirextoues flow within one another, and they are something to always aim for in one’s journey in this realm. Not one soul can claim to have all these in a perfect place in one’s life, to claim that would go against them. The Trirextoues are a very sacred thing and should be treated as such. They are a teaching all by themselves (which we will get into later). Showing us the greater mysteries of understanding how to be towards ourselves and our fellow Nouiogalatis and live within a harmonious conception within the cosmos. So always remember our words Datiesti uta dassân, Datiûmî uta dassais “You give that I may give. I give that you may give.”

In order to understand and follow the Trirextoues one should be Intune with Uissus (wisdom/knowledge). Uissus is the hidden element within, as you follow the Trirextoues you become Uissus, even so, to start following the Trirextoues one needs Uissus.

Think of the Trirextoues as three Disciplines for the self they give one the training to cultivate a deep understanding and the virtues connected give definition to help one visualize something to work towards in one’s life.

True illumination comes from understanding the order of the cosmos and acting in the spirit of it.