Triuradiā Conuextion

Gaulish Druid

All that is within the Cosmos are teachings, and below, we have Triuradiā Conuextion (The Three Roots of the Cosmos) that, when applied to your life, will help to nurture and cultivate a greater worldview and, most importantly, a life of greater service. Sit in deep thought with the Triuradiā Conuextion so that you may understand their interconnectedness within the cosmos.

This is the cosmic order that describes the joining of Aidus and Dubron which began the process of creation. It is that which is ‘fitting’ or ‘proper.’ It is composed of the prefix co- ‘together’ and uīr- ‘truth’. Truth is related to the union of these two forces because Truth is “an active intellectual force, verbally expressed, which ensures the society’s prosperity, abundance of food, and fertility, and its protection from plague, calamity, and enemy attack” (Watkins, How to Kill a Dragon, p. 85). In this statement, Watkins is describing the relationship of Truth and a successful king in Celtic society, which is a microcosmic reflection of cosmic order. 

This is ritualistic order, which is the proper steps that are performed in a rite and that binds it all together. It literally means ‘ordered, prescribed, ordained’ 

This is sacred law, but it is that which is a gift from the Gods to humans and is related to proper procedures, the right customs, social order and also the will of the Gods as revealed in an omen. It is based on the Greek word Themis, who was also a Titan. It literally means ‘that which is put in place.’