Gaulish Ovate

They have sooth-sayers too of great renown who tell the future by watching the flights of birds and by the observation of the entrails of victims; and everyone waits upon their word.
(Diodorus of Sicily, Historical Library, V, 31, 2)

The image above is a Uatis Inscrîbatus (Sigil, Mark) Found in the Carnutes territory. Speculated to be from around 150 BC. Here is another one that the symbol is found all around Gaul and even scribed in stones at sanctuaries and healing shrines for curative Deuoi. It is thought to be an eye that makes sense as it looks just like one.
I felt this is perfect for the Uatis role as eyes are extraordinary and hold a mystery to them. In many cultures worldwide, eyes are seen as a symbol of prophecy, literarily seeing the things to come—the ability to see the connection of the natural order of things around the self.
So for me, the iris is the self looking and watching that which is around you. The two lines are the voyage of life to death or death to life. These are the walkers between the worlds seeing the magical flow in all things, teaching nature’s high mysteries. This Inscrîbatus is a pure representation of what a Uatis is.

Uatis (One who Sees)
The Seers and Healers

The Uatis should know by heart all the herbs of Gaul and the practical and magical aspects of them. They should follow the Uelîturunâs and other forms of Gaulish Divination methods. Tarot, Norse Runes, and other forms have no place under the trees of Drunemeton. One must have formed Samolouissus (Plant Knowledge) in one’s areas. Know how to conduct sacrifices and take Omens, be an herbalist in whichever way one chooses, meaning spiritual or practical. Understand the physically realm in human behavior.

This is an Initiatory tradition so that means one must be initiated.

Uatis - Gaulish Ovate
  • One who takes omens
  • A healer in all things to all things
  • Knowledge of plants and trees and
    understands the benefits of them.
  • One who studies divination in a
    Gaulish Context
  • Natural philosophers
  • Does sacrifices
  • Knows incantation’s

More to come as this role is more forged out.

Criteria to help the Building of Uatibessus

You must have completed the Touta Galation Curriculum this is a must

  1. An Ovate in one of the Druid Orders.
  2. One should have an herbalist certificate.
  3. Understand Divination or created a form of it.
  4. Studied Natural Philosophy
  5. Counseling and Pastoral care knowledge
  6. At the least, show us, you know, and have a deep passion.

If you are interested please send a Raven our Way